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Who ruled north bengal and south bihar founded the gupta empire ghatotkacha succeeded. A portion of northern or central bengal might have been the home of guptas at that time. Samudra gupta amar chitra katha comics paperback january 1, 1980 see all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Gupta empire translation in hindi, kannada, malayalam. In this chitra katha we have relied on literary sources and our own imagination to reconstruct the life and times of one of the greatest rulers of our history. His reign ushered in the golden age of india, and he is remembered both as a benevolent imperial conqueror and as a patron of the arts and letters. Political history of ancient india from the accession of parikshit to the extinction of the. What little we know about samudra gupta is gathered from the coins he issued and from a few inscriptions. During which period the famous sanskrit book panchtantra a collection of tales had been written. Samudragupta was the fourth empire of the gupta empire. During his rule, conquest all the neighbouring kingdoms and expanded the boundaries from nepal, punjab, pallava kingdom to south india. The dynasty of samudragupta which delves into the life.

But the power and the splendour of the guptas were unique and none in the dynasty strove harder than samudra gupta to achieve them. May 23, 20 samudragupta was the greatest ruler of the gupta dynasty and ruled till around 380 ad. By bringing peace to a huge area of the warring subcontinent, this benevolent king gave his people the leisure to be creative. Important general knowledge multiple choice question with answer. Dec 09, 2018 the story leads through the time of emperor samudraguptas reign and about how chandragupta vikramaditya, the greatest emperor of gupta dynasty in history, came to the throne following some unfortunate events thatd make the once unknown village prince to the times greatest king. World history 6th book notes lesson 3 the mauryans. Code samples are in java and include guidelines for different applicationspecific needs. Samudra gupta the luteplaying conqueror can a music loving, scholarly prince be a successful king. Samudra gupta defeated alexander in 326 bce history.

Join facebook to connect with samudra gupta and others you may know. Jan 20, 2014 samudra gupta, the fourth king of the gupta dynasty, ushered in the golden age of ancient india and could be considered the greatest amongst the gupta emperors. Which period is known as golden age of indian history. He was a benevolent ruler, a great warrior and a patron of arts and letters. Samudra gupta was his son and commanderinchief of army.

Buy samudra gupta amar chitra katha book online at best prices in india on. Samudragupta was the second ruler of the gupta dynasty. Remember your past achievements and plan for future successes narayana rao may 1 2 3 4 5. Samudragupta is considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses that india ever produced, thus also known as the napoleon of india. While conquering different parts of india to extend his empire, he administered different policies for the northern and. The british historian vincent smith 1848 1920 ce was the first to dub him as the indian napoleon. This monumental fourvolume work offers an elaborate and chronological account of indian history from the earliest times to the present period. Seeing the world from north to south is a more intuitive way of looking at geopolitics. His court poet and minister harisena composed the allahabad pillar inscription or prayag prasasti. Sri gupta 240 280 ce sri gupta was a preimperial gupta king in northern india and the founder of the gupta dynasty. Samudra gupta the great january 20, 2014 by sanu kainikara 0 comments canberra, 20 january 2014 samudra gupta the great 335375 a. The novel relates how samudragupta, a middle son, becomes the crown prince, inheritor of.

Gupta was born abdul mannan in hashil village in sirajganj district. We cannot guarantee that samudra gupta book is in the library, but if you are still not sure with the service, you can choose free trial service. Samudra gupta, regional emperor of india from about 330 to 380 ce. The dynasty of samudragupta unfolds the murky loves and lies of one of the most illustrious clans in history. Samudra gupta, the fourth king of the gupta dynasty, ushered in the golden age of ancient india and could be considered the greatest amongst the gupta emperors. Samudraguptas geopolitics indian national interest. The western scholars equate him with napoleon and call him indian napoleon due to the extensive military conquests. Samudragupta biography childhood, life achievements. On this coin, the kings entire name, samudra gupta as opposed to just samudra is spelled out in two vertical arrangements under his arm. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study.

The gupta empire covered most of north and central india, as well as bangladesh. The novel relates how samudragupta, a middle son, becomes the crown. Get the latest articles, updates, biography and more about indiatimes author samudra gupta kashyap. Gk gupta period questions with answers objective mcq. Samudragupta reigned 335380 is the second ruler of the gupta dynasty, who ushered in the golden age in india. Samudra gupta circular brahmi legend around lakshmi enthroned facing, holding cornucopia and diadem, brahmi legend at right. Samudra gupta download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The dynasty of samudragupta kindle edition by pillai. Items related to samudra gupta language and literature books. Samudragupta history, biography and administration india. Will a skilled and committed warrior encourage the arts and science. Indian history part 25 the golden guptas section ii. Buy samudra gupta amar chitra katha book online at low. Brown impassable terrain, green thick forests, yellow trade routes, red military campaigns. The dynasty of samudragupta by rajat pillai goodreads. Pdf samudra gupta ebooks includes pdf, epub and kindle. The objective or multiple questions of the gupta empire, discussed here are very important for the various types of competitive examinations like railway, government jobs interview, banking exam, staff selection commission or ssc, cgl, etc. Start studying world history 6th book notes lesson 3 the mauryans and the guptas. Being a history lover, i was really excited to read this book.

Gupta was a strong critic of both communalism and islamic fundamentalism, and expressed his opposition to these ideologies within his writings. The dynasty of samudragupta is a historical fiction set in the golden era of indian. His successor, chandra gupta ii also known as vikramaditya, after whom the indian navys third aircraft carrier is named, is considered by some as the greatest gupta ruler, and is. Gupta inscriptions gupta period gupta rulers history of india horse. He was the chosen emperor of the gupta dynasty by his father. June 23, 1946 july 19, 2008 was a bangladeshi poet and journalist. About the book after long and bloody wars, samrat samudragupta sits on the.

It is the story of king samudragupta and his two sons. His many conquests have been alluded to in the allahabad pillar inscription, composed by a highranking official named harishena, who was also a skilled author and poet. Perhaps kacha was the original or personal name, and the appellation samudragupta was adopted in allusion to his conquests tripathi, 240. Samudragupta is known chiefly for his numerous military campaigns. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. Earlier this year pillai published his third book, once again, a historical fiction yoddha. This book is the history of the gupta dynasty after chandragupta in the hands of his only son, samudragupta. Gupta period is one of the most important period in indian history.

Step by step, the book explains core concepts, from basic to advanced. Samudra gupta, died 380 ce, regional emperor of india from about 330 to 380 ce. Click download or read online button to get samudra gupta book now. Dera sacha sauda and gurmeet ram rahim, investigating a godman. Samudragupta succeeded his father chandragupta i r. Gupta dominance was further solidified by campaigns against gujarat and bengal.

Samudragupta simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Samudragupta is believed to have been his fathers chosen successor even though he had several older brothers. It was known to be one of the most peaceful and wealthy civilizations of its time. Many historians have wrongly assumed that this chandra gupta was chandragupta maurya of maurya dynasty, who was mentored by chanakya in 16th century bce. Jan 20, 2014 indian history part 25 the golden guptas section ii. He was the third ruler of the gupta dynasty, who ushered in the golden age of india. Samudragupta ruler of the gupta dynasty biography, history. The reason for which he is highly famed is, he took the gupta dynasty to a completely ensuing level. Details of kachaguptas reign are hardly mentioned in the historical evidence existing for the gupta period, and.

The dynasty of samudragupta is a historical fiction set in the golden era of indian history. Samudragupta, the second emperor of the imperial gupta dynasty, was one of the greatest monarchs in the indian history. He was the fourth emperor of the gupta dynasty and is considered as the great military intellect in indian history. This article is a continuation of magadha kings history, chanakyachandragupta maurya and andhra kings. Samudragupta reigned 350375 was the second emperor of the gupta dynasty of india. Samudragupta was one of the most famed kings of ancient india. Samudragupta was a ruler of the gupta empire of ancient india. The first volume, which pays special attention to the reigns of the great indian monarchs, such as chandragupta maurya, asoka, kanishka, samudra gupta, chandra gupta ii vikramaditya and harsha, has adequately highlighted the achievements of their. Log in or sign up for facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know.

Besides being a great warrior, a determined conqueror and a generous ruler, he was also a devoted fan of arts and culture, particularly poetry and music. Details of kachaguptas reign are hardly mentioned in the historical evidence existing for the gupta period, and hence most historians place samudragupta as the successor of chandragupta i, stating that kacha was none other than samudragupta himself. Samudragupta was the son of chandraguptai and kumaradevi. Which were the famous trade centers during gupta period. As a son of the gupta emperor chandragupta i and the licchavi princess kumaradevi, he greatly expanded his dynastys political power.

I love reading historical fictions, as it delights me in an unusual way, from the point of view of the author. When one recalls the glory that was ind one first thinks of the golden age of the guptas. Pro apache log4j, second edition provides best practices guidelines and comprehensive coverage of the most recent release. The son of king chandra gupta i and the licchavi princess kumaradevi, he is pictured as a muscular warrior, a poet, and a musician who. He generally is considered the epitome of an ideal king of the golden age of hindu history, as the period of the imperial guptas 320510 ce has often been called. The gupta empire was an ancient indian empire that was founded in 320 ce and survived until about 550 ce. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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