2016 f350 manual regen

But its only available on job2 and newer f350 cab and chassis trucks. A manual regen is essentially an active regen cycle that is manually initiated. I work for a company that has around 200 f450 20082010 super duty trucks. Manual regen is awesome but the exhaust end needs to be respected. When doing a dream build on a f350 there is an option for a manual regen on the xl and xlt only. Some ford vehicles equipped with diesel engines feature the ability to perform an operatorcommanded regeneration of the vehicles diesel. How to perform ford operator commanded regeneration by. One of the option i can order is driveractivated regeneration chip. See 2016 ford super duty f350 specs, features, trims levels and configurations for xl, xlt, lariat, king ranch, platinum. Ford 2016 f250 super duty owners manual pdf download. Used 2016 ford f350 super duty for sale near you edmunds. And was unable to select the play button on forscan screen. Published on oct 25, 2016 some ford vehicles equipped with diesel engines feature the ability to perform an operatorcommanded regeneration of the vehicles diesel particulate filter.

The diesel particulate filter light turns on when the soot level from the diesel exhaust is high and your car is at risk of going into limp mode. At 95,000 miles our 2015 f350 said something like dpf filter at max service now. The worst complaints are exhaust system, accessories interior, and drivetrain problems. When you start a regen with the insight it does two things. Access quick reference guides, a roadside assistance card, a link to your vehicles warranty and supplemental information if available. Average rating from 150 customers who received a warning light is on inspection. How to clean dpf with manual regeneration mode on scan tools. Cleaning exhaust filter cycle ford power stroke nation. Diesel particulate filter dpf cleaning 20112017 ford. Xdp carries all the parts and accessories you need for the best diesel performance. Operator commanded regeneration ocr is intended to allow the operator of the vehicle to perform manual regeneration of the dpf without the need to drive the vehicle. If equipped those two words, if equipped seem to show up in the owners manual more than any other.

The ford super duty exhaust systems diesel particulate filter dpf. Print, read or download a pdf or browse an easy, online, clickable version. Repair manuals can come in handy especially when you have to do immediate repair. This option is only available on the standard level instrument cluster with the two line led display screen. I saw for the first time a exhaust filter cleaning complete message, and i have had the truck for 10,000 miles. About a mile or so before returning home, dpf went to full and a regen started. Again, i have no idea if this would be effective or not, just a thought. Go to the gauge display on the ic, and the regen % will be on the third page. This option is not available on vehicles equipped with the 4. Regeneration process regen regen is the process of burning off the built up diesel particulate matter dpm in the diesel particulate filter dpf. The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of going to print. Operatorcommanded regeneration ford tech talk youtube. The first step to take is to do a parked regen where the diagnostic software comes in handy to force it.

Also if u go under 5 mph the cleaning will stop and wont really gets any where if u can find d someone with a scan tool capable of performing a manual regen for u if not have for done a manual regen although it is not cover under warranty unless stated to do so by the workshop manual sent from my xt1650 using tapatalk. No need to delete the emissions if you understand it. Id say approximately 60% of these trucks have fumes that leak into the cab when the regen is on. When that happens, you need to manually command the regen to. Im getting ready for a 250 mile tow trip and wanted to measure fuel mileage, but went out to dinner tonight and %dpf full was at 80% so i wanted that regen out of the way. Weve said it before and well say it again, the best bangforthe buck for increasing fuel economy in your 6. View and download ford 2016 f250 super duty owners manual online. View online or download ford 2016 f350 super duty owners manual. Engine idled exhaust fluid system fault 202015 ford f. How to perform ford operator commanded regeneration by ford. Possibly, if doing a manual regen resets the timer, you could pick the best time to get a full regen in.

The play button was there, but greyed out and unable to select. The powertrain control module pcm will need to be reprogrammed to add several enhancements, including a more reasonable driving experience. Two exhaust regens are better than one getting all that nasty soot and exhaust contamination out of the exhaust system dpf diesel particulate filter takes time and heat to do a proper job. I have the edge insight so i decided to see if doing a manual regen was better than having to drive a 20 mile long trip just so a regen could complete. The wife didnt feel like a joy ride and i remembered the manual regen. Software enhancements are available to remedy inconsistency and confusion about the diesel particulate filter dpf cleaning cycle regeneration mode. Expert members please direct me to proper section if this is a misplaced thread. One it raises engine rpm to 2000 rpm and second it runs your cooling fan at wide open. In the interest of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications, design or equipment at any time. As part of a periodic maintenance for dpf equipped diesel vehicles a manual or automatic regeneration is needed. My first manual regen ford powerstroke diesel forum. What does the diesel particulate filter warning light mean. Read, print or download the pdfs to your computer or mobile device, or use the clickable online version, if available. Find your owner manual, warranty here, and other information here.

Operator commanded regen down to 30% of dpf filter full instead of 100%. Say you spend most of your time in city traffic with short drives, but once a month you do a long drive somewhere, you could do a manual regen during the long trip. Free download manual regeneration on a ford f350 pdf pdf manuals library manual regeneration on a ford f350 pdf reading is an essential part of our life. It is at the dealership right now and they cant figure it out the truck has not broken down on me it seems to have power still, but the exhaust filter is keeps plugging up. In this video i give a good example of what a manual dpf regeneration at the dealership looks and sounds like. Select toolboxpowertrainservice funtionsdpf manual regeneration also, keep drilling down to diesel particulate regeneration system dpf manual regeneration. Using the manual diesel particulate filter clean option on an enabled ford 6. Tunermonitor options for manual regen the diesel stop. Some 202015 fsuper duty vehicles equipped with a 6. Installing air lift air spring system on 2017 ford super duty f350. I purchased the truck as a certified pre own from a ford dealer.

Super duty 4wd and rear locker operation and testing 2016 f350 6. Am looking for how, when this operation is used, is it effective, etc. I have read about an option that could be ordered that allows an operator commanded regen. Here is a easy stepbystep guide on how to perform ocroperator commanded regeneration with ford ids manually. I have miles to go with a heavy trailer before i get home. Have searched this site for discussion on manual regeneration wo inhibition, have found nothing. Manual regen a 2010 ford f350 manual regen a 2010 ford f350 20082010 ford powerstroke diesel 6. In order to combat exhaust emissions, modern diesel engines are fitted with a particulate filter in the exhaust. I like the idea since i have been stranded for emissions issues with my 2011 duramax. The autel allinone maxicheck pro performs all of the functions of the other maxicheck tools combined. One problem related to diesel engine has been reported for the 2016 ford f350. Search from 1,097 ford f350 cars for sale, including a certified 2016 ford f350 4x4 crew cab drw super duty, a certified 2016 ford f350 lariat, and a used 2016 ford f350 2wd crew cab drw super duty. Bookmark file pdf f 350 operator manual f 350 operator manual 2017 ford f350 operator commanded regen ocr so i keep saying operator controlled regen its.

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