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In such cases, the permanent account number assigned to the individual remains the same. Pan applicants can now apply for reprint of pan card directly through this utiitsls website. To apply for a duplicate pan card or to reprint your pan card or to get your duplicate pan card, follow the steps given below. It is essential to remember that reprinting your pan card is the same as applying for a duplicate pan card. You can order a reprint of your pan card for just rs 50 in. This application should be used when pan has already been allotted to the applicant but applicant requires a pan card. If you lost your pan card or want a new fresh copy of pan card then follow this video guide. A pan applicants can now apply online for reprint of pan card only when there is no change required in data by clicking here. You can apply new reprinted pan card online through your aadhaar card. Download pan card app and save time and enjoy benefits of this app. To avail this, the applicants need to apply and pay by making an online fee payment of rs. The e pan download facility on this website is available only for the users, 1.

Want to search pan card status or apply online or duplicate pan card or any other information you will get through this app. If they want to download the epan from utiitsl portal, they will have to apply for pan card reprint through the utiitsl portal first otherwise they will not be able to download the epan. Thumb impression, if used, should be attested by a magistrate or a notary public or gazetted officer, under official seal and stamp. This is the last section for application for a duplicate. In case of pan applications from nonindividuals, seal andor stamp is not required on pan application form request for new pan card orand changes or correction in pan data. Click here to download e pan card free of cost for pans allottedchanges confirmed by itd in last 30 days.

If you lose the pan card, there is no need to apply for a new number. How to apply for duplicate pan cardreprint pan card. This facility is only available for whose latest pan application processed through nsdl egovernance and or efiling portal of income tax department. Permanent account number pan card is an essential document used for several purposes. Now pan applicants can get their pan card just reprinted only when no change in data by submitting their request through utiitsls panonline website. This facility can be availed by those pan holders whose latest pan application was processed through nsdl egov or have obtained pan using instant e pan facility on efilling portal of itd.

The same goes with the applicants of utiitsl portal. Once you file the fir, a request must be raised by the applicant for the reprint of the card by. Applicant will fill pan change request form online and submit the form. Download epan card duplicate pan card reprint online. Now pan applicants can get their pan card just reprinted only. In case of theft or loss of a pan card, the card holder can immediately apply for a duplicate one. Instead, you can just apply for a reprint of the card. Since there is a legal procedure involved, many people tend to just apply for a new card. Gender, date of birth and address for reprint of pan card application. A new pan card bearing the same pan details is issued to the applicant.

Pan hardcopy is can be received on the address mentioned in the. Click here to download epan card free of cost for pans allottedchanges confirmed. Most of the time, indians apply for a duplicate pan card in the case of loss of the card. In other cases, the card might get stolen, damaged or misplaced. There is a tedious process to apply for a duplicate pan card which requires filing an fir. Pan card lost application online, duplicate pan card application form, reissue of pan card online application.

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